The SEA ME Rug.

The SEA ME Rug by Studio Nienke Hoogvliet.

Narrated by Nienke herself.



SEA ME is a rug made of sea algae yarn, knotted by hand in an old fishing net. Capturing the contrast between the polluting plastic waste issues and the beautiful things the sea has to offer.

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We wanted to draw attention to this rather new material. A yarn made of sea algae could perhaps offer a solution for the sustainability issues in the textile industry. Sea algae grow much faster and need less nutrients then cotton for example. I would like to do more research to increase the usage of this material in the industry.

To capture the duality, we used an old fishing net as the base for the rug. The waste can be reused in this way and have an aesthetically and practical use.



The Re-Sea Me Rug is made of Fish Skin (salmon) sown into a Fishing Net, same as the rug above. This project is also being used a medium to spread awareness on the waste issues that we are currently facing with our Oceans. Click on the name or the image below to know how it was made possible.




A conceptual design studio from the Netherlands. With a focus on sustainability and new materials, the Studio tries to raise awareness for certain issues like the pollution of the oceans. The Studio is known for the projects Sea Me (the one you just read about) and RE – Sea Me (natural fish leather) where Nienke researched sustainable materials from the sea. Nienke works from her studio in Delft, Netherlands.


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