The Sea Me Collection.

The SeaMe Collection by Studio Nienke Hoogvliet.

Narrated by Nienke herself.



Studio Nienke Hoogvliet explored the possibilities of seaweed as a material in a study of almost two years. The result is a wide variety of materials : a soft yarn made of seaweed, a surprising colour palette of natural textile dyes, a normal dye and bio-plastic. The products of this new Sea Me Collection visualizes the possibilities.

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To show the potential of these materials, I designed a chair and a table. The seating of the chair is made of seaweed yarn and dyed naturally with seaweed. This was woven by hand into a soft seating. The leftovers of this process are used to create a regular paint for the tabletop and this waste was used to make the bio-plastic bowls. That’s how I wanted to visualise how seaweed can be part of our homes in the future.


The process and research are documented in a book called – Seaweed Research. The book can be purchased in the web shop. It is available in Dutch right now, English translation is expected in fall this year.


Seaweed has great sustainable potential. For example, it cleans the seawater from pollution like phosphates, since these are nutrients for the seaweed. Seaweed takes CO2 and converts it to oxygen, it’s even one of the main sources for oxygen on earth !


Other important benefits – even though it sounds obvious : we don’t need valuable farmland to grow it and we don’t need to water the plants. I would love to see a future with a more sustainable textile industry and a full use of the seaweed’s potentials.

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A conceptual design studio from the Netherlands. With a focus on sustainability and new materials, the Studio tries to raise awareness for certain issues like the pollution of the oceans. The Studio is known for the projects SeaMe (seaweed yarn) and RE-SeaMe (natural fish leather) where Nienke researched sustainable materials from the sea. Nienke works from her studio in Delft, Netherlands.


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