“the ultimate commuting freedom..” – The STIGOBIKE.

designer Matti Õunapuu defines the STIGOBIKE as PolyFunctional and as an everyday use commodity.


One of the most highlighted features of the Stigobike is Portability, which puts it in a whole different class. Think about it, You can commute around the city & don’t have worry about finding a parking space, just fold it up and take it along with you wherever you go, work, school et cetera and it doesn’t even require any special charging point, just your regular outlet will do and let us not forget the EnvironmentFriendly factor of this e-bike.


Some essential numbers that we need to keep in mind before we move on to the interview with Stigo‘s designer Matti Õunapuu.

The bike is able to achieve the speeds of upto 25Kmph & can easily travel 30kms before you need to charge it again, which as stated above can be done from any regular power outlet & takes about 3.5hours to achieve full charge.The Bike sports a 250W hub motor which runs on a 36V lithium-ion battery. The total weight comes around to be 13.5kgs and the retail price is €1,990.


Know all about the STIGOBIKE in this exclusive interview with designer Matti Õunapuu.


Please tell us about the design of the bike ?

“The visual side of the Stigo is based on its construction, function, ergonomics and simplicity. These are the main areas which we aim to cover with the product – to keep it simple and beautiful for its users. No hassle with grease, oil, petrol, chains etc. The less you notice it by your side, the better.”

What is the inspiration behind the STIGOBIKE ?

“The indication and demand from the market came with the development of lighter and more compact batteries and smaller electric motors. This gave me the inspiration to come up with a small e-scooter which could be always by your side and can be easily taken indoors with you.”

Can you please walk us through the whole design & production process & how you came to the final design & proposal that we see ?

“The first concept of the Stigo was a bit too complicated – I wanted to satisfy all the needs which could arise from the users side – all the extras and accessories attached to the scooter. This reflected on the high cost. After some feedback and calculations it was clear that the market is after something simple which could meet the basic needs of an average city commuter. The Stigo must be as simple, portable and as light as possible. Today we are proud to say that we have met all these criterias.”

What does the phrase “STIGO gives you the ultimate commuting freedom” means ? What is the message that you are conveying here ?

“The idea behind this phrase is to say that the Stigo does not need a parking space, no need to lock it up and it does not take any room in your apartment or in train or in cafeteria for example. The Stigo has a footprint as small as 40x45cm which is remarkable. The Stigo electric scooter is an everyday commodity like say an umbrella, a handbag or a laptop.”

What was the biggest challenge that you faced while creating & designing the STIGOBIKE ?

“The biggest challenge was to find a way for the bike to be as compact, simpleportable and to make it possible to produce construction wise.”

How would you explain the bike in a single sentence ?

“The Stigo guarantees to give you a smile of satisfaction.”

What is the most unique feature of the Bike ?

“The Stigo is one of the few portable electric scooters to meet the legislative norms in EU which makes it roadlegal. We are also quite sure that it is the fastest-folding electric scooter in the world. The Stigo folds in just 2 seconds.”

Is there any problem or issue that you are addressing through the STIGOBIKE ?

“The Stigo sets an example and is on it’s way to lead the market in portable electric “pocket-scooter” segment. We are working hard towards the future and new concepts to solve the problem of door-to-door commuting.”

What are the materials used in the production of the bike ?

“It is mostly made out of aluminium and plastic. We are always looking for ways to keep it as reliable, costeffective and as light as possible.”

Can you please tell us about the Structure of the bike?

Polyfunctionality is the keyword of the Stigo e-bike. The construction of the e-bike is carried by two main ideas: riding comfort and portability. The small wheels on the back are for towing it along. Emphasis is on the foldability, I wanted it to reflect in the design too. All the wires and batteries et cetera are out of sight in order to not ruin the visual aspects of the bike. It must look simple, be easy to operate and fold/unfold in the blink of an eye.”

Is STIGOBIKE a new product in the market or are you introducing a new idea & concept ?

“Among the last-mile commuting segment or door-to-door solutions we must say humbly but truthfully that the Stigo is the pioneer. Foldable in 2 seconds, portable, lightweight and road legal – Yes, it is a newconcept in the market.”

Why create a Portable E-bike ? Do we really need one ?

“Since we have developed a whole new concept I am not concerned about the lack of demand of the Stigo. We have received positive feedback from different markets around the world and it gives us an indication that we are doing the right thing here. With e-bikes there is always a question of portability and storage without giving up the riding comfort and safetyStigo has created a new segment in the market and it is not just another e-bike, but something more than that.”

What would you say is your target market with the STIGOBIKE ?

The inital idea is to make life less complicated. The Stigo helps people to move around and run errands more comfortably. Of course it is a compliment for us when people say it is fun to ride and they do say that. But the main idea is to solve the door-to-door commuting issue and the portability of the product. We see the riders as sustainable and environmentconscious people.”

What is your Definition of Design ?

“We are surrounded by nature & architecture. Design is something we use to harmonize our things & products with nature & architecture.”

What impact & affect will the STIGOBIKE will have on the design, automotive industry & the Society as a whole ?

The Stigo wants to complement other means of transport. I see many use for the product and our team is not trying to supersede cars or public transport. On the contrary, we can see the Stigo go well with your personal car, campervan, yacht, public transport etc. It is a door-to-door solution, takes almost no room and it is a part of the everyday transport together with other means of transport.”

Every design reflects the values of it’s designer in itself..” So, how does this apply to you & your team ?

I do agree. Of course my products and designs reflect myself and the causes I care about. The whole team of the Stigo is likeminded – we want to offer a solution to the market and not just another product, meet the needs of the Stigo users and to be sustainable.”

What are you trying to achieve with this project & product ?

We are trying to reach the new heights of personal and portable electric transportation – to pave the road of the future of commuting.”



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    • Peter hello. Thank you for your comment and here the link of Stigo’s official website : http://stigobike.com If you scroll to the bottom you can find a place to register for a StigoBike. Hope this helps. -designdaily..

  1. Hi I just took delivery of my Stigo over the weekend and I am trying to register it through the Stigo app so that I can view the odometer and other information. However, the app is available only in Chinese and worse still it doesn’t work – not clever for a super clever and cool bike :-(. How about doing the right thing and get this sorted out asap, starting with getting it done in English and making sure it works?

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