The ‘THAT’S IT’ project.

The THAT’S IT project by Austeja Platukyte.


zero waste lifestyle / biodegradable packaging from algae-based material


THATʼS IT is a line of experimental packaging made of new, biodegradable algae-based material. This new material stands as an alternative to persistent, non-biodegradable plastic. The material perfectly holds its shape, is waterproof and protects the product against possible damage. It is light in weight and resistant to compression. Is made of only two natural ingredients, i.e. Agar dissolved in water and Calcium Carbonate, also impregnated with vegetable based emulsifying wax.


This material is wholly organic and compostable. After the product is consumed, its packaging can simply be composted or used as a fertiliser to retain soil moisture. Even if packaging has been discarded as waste, due to natural processes and micro-organisms it will again become a part of nature, forming new layers of chalk and will cause no harm to the environment or other life forms.” – Says Austeja.



While working on this project I followed the Zero Waste philosophy. I was sorting my paper, glass and metal waste and I did not buy plastic bags and products in a plastic packaging. Then I realised that ‘not buying plastic’ is not an issue. So, I started to think globally and I decided that I need to change or at least to contribute the plastic packaging industry from it basis. I aimed at finding a substitute for synthetic plastic using only natural resources.” – She adds.

I had tested a number of natural ingredients and bioplastics as well as their mixtures before I came up with the most suitable solution for my packaging  – biodegradable algae-based material.


At this moment, I’m continuing this project and I’m very much interested in new biodegradable materials development and experiments with local natural waste ingredients. I’m testing a lot of different natural resins like Gum Acacia, Shellac, Gum Mastic, Camphor Tree Resin and natural Pine Resin which I’m harvesting in the forest near my home.


I’m mixing these resins with other organic waste materials and looking for best solutions to suit the/my criteria for a shape formation, water and high temperature resistance, etc. My goal is to create products and packaging from materials alternative to plastic and which can be adapted in a global market.


If you are in Netherlands or Plan to be there between the 22nd to the 30th of OctoberWe kindly urge you to visit Austeja‘s Exhibition at the upcoming DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2016.

Visit this LINK to know all about the Exhibition.

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