The TUBES Series.


The Tubes Series.

Narrated by BENTU.


Let the sense of strange familiarity bring a new insight to your heart, let the use of useless achieve the greatest.


The vigorous urbanisation in the past has become history. The changing direction of the market demand has caused a large backlog of plastic pipeline construction materials, which were a result of the rapid development for the last 30 years. New materials have entered the market, but the surplus old construction materials are not properly handled. They are either dumped with low price or are used as landfill disposal and they pollute the land. Can these useless materials be improved and redesigned as aesthetic products ?


The Tubes Series, focuses on this surplus production. It is not to boast about our serious efforts on environmental protection, it also does not belong to DIY which has uncertainty of materials, We just want to mass produce industrial and aesthetic rich products using Waste materials, to maximise the value and create business interests for the market.

To let these common plastic pipes become product parts or products themselves, you just simply take them and use them, thinking subversive. Concentrating on minimum energy consumption from material acquisition to final products, making it easy for industrial production at the same time & to gain the maximum economic benefits with minimum environmental damage.

Plastic Waste & Discarded Pipes – Turned into beautiful and practical Lamps by BENTU.


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Process Images.

A Request.

designdaily..  requests all the Creators and Innovators that are reading this, to integrate such recycled, reused & repurposed materials in your projects and products. Practise the process of Recycling, because the plastic that we manufacture to be used in our creations can very well be extracted from the products that we do not use or are discarded as waste.

Waste is a growing issue in our Society and stands to be a Huge Problem for all the species and not just Humans. It is in Our hands – the Creators, Innovators, Designers and Engineers to tackle this situation or else it will get out of our hands someday.

Recycle, Reuse & Repurpose wherever and whenever possible ! Please.

And Do share these Creations with designdaily.. We provide you with a Platform to showcase your work and Inspire people. (letsdesigndaily@gmail.com)

Thank you !


You can see more from BENTU on their Official Website



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