The Unexpected Collection.




Australian designer Elliot Bastianon‘s Unexpected Collection explores the furniture possibilities of a material called as the EchoPanel®. But here is the thing – the EchoPanel was never created for furniture applications. It is an acoustic sheet which is attached to walls in offices to dampen sound and divide spaces, yet Elliot has been successful in creating a whole collection out of it, adding another possible way of application to this material’s list.



The name – Unexpected Collection – comes from the way this sheet is usually used. It is designed to be kept as a flat sheet. Therefore, for this plastic sheet to be used to design furniture would be an unexpected use of the material. says Elliot.


I consider this range to be an informative experience, demonstrating the breadth and calibre of Australian design and to remind viewers of the potential that exists in unusual materials. 


About the EchoPanel.

Produced by the Australian textile company called the WovenImage  It is an environmental Friendly decorative panel substrate offering improved acoustic performance with a fabric like finish and is a direct response to ecological sustainability and environmental quality requirements facing contemporary interior design and fit out

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The Unexpected Collection.

These pieces— which have been folded, bent, creased, pressed and pleated into existence—are an investigation into the possibilities of structure and form. A collection where objects have been discovered rather than premeditated, and in doing so presents a range of furniture with unorthodox forms and unfamiliar characteristics.explains Elliot.



The collection consists of the following : SixFold – the Bench, Orientation – the Table, Tilted – the Shelves and Armadillo – the Lamp.


The SixFold

SixFold is a bench seat that uses six individual sheets of EchoPanel® to function as an underframe, turning a non-structural material into a supportive element. It’s an extension of the ideas presented in Orientation—the first piece to explore the method of ‘V’ bent panels—and echoes a ‘strength in numbers’ approach to design solutions. A timber frame on the underside removes any chance of deflection and ensures the top remains flat when used.

The solid oak top has been blackened and polished, muting some aspects of the timber’s characteristics while simultaneously highlighting others.

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The Orientation

Orientation is a coffee table that marries two materials and presents a contemporary object informed by traditional craft techniques.

Orientation expresses the capacity of an acoustic sheet to function in furniture applications. In this piece, two sheets of EchoPanel® are bent to form large ‘V’ sections which are then fixed to the underside of the oak top. To resolve the problem of joining these dissimilar materials, inspiration was taken from traditional methods of furniture construction and bespoke timber fasteners were created.

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The Tilted

A single acoustic sheet has been pressed together and housed within a timber frame, allowing three sections of the plastic panel to protrude forward and be utilised as a support system. Timber shelves locate around these protrusions and are kept in position via a series of oak dowels. The relationship between these two materials allows the eye to explore the surface and texture of the timber against the particular visual and tactile qualities of the manufactured sheet.

Tilted is a wall-leaning shelf comprised of straightforward parts that work together to create a furniture object whose form is unfamiliar, but whose structure is clearly expressed.

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The Armadillo

Armadillo Light is a wall-mounted lighting system where the one sheet of EchoPanel® has been folded, pressed and fastened to give shape and body to a two-dimensional material. These lights exemplify a belief that the material should dictate the form and function of an object and by following simple geometric principles and a repeated folding pattern, a sculptural form has been generated that echoes aspects of the natural world.

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You can see more from Elliot on his website



Picture credits to CharlieWhitePhotography.

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