PENT by Dsignio.

the very versatile ‘PENT’ table by DSIGNIO. (+Interview)

“Make it The Way You Want It and you’ll know what Beautiful thing it is.”

from a simple Table to a Bench, Spanish design studio DSIGNIO‘s PENT Table design is one Elegant & one of the most Versatile design concepts you will see.

PENT by Dsignio.
PENT by DSIGNIO. (Photo by BELTA.)
PENT by Dsignio.

the ‘PENT’ is a modular system of Pentagonal pieces that can be repeated many times to create different Compositions and the Possibilities are Endless, from a simple Table to a Bench and much more ! It all depends on what You can think of and what you can come up with !

“It is a puzzle which to play with to create the better form to your needs.”PENT by Dsignio.


When asked about the Inspiration and thoughts behind the Design of the PENT,

Dsignio said :

“we just designed dozens of grids (I love geometry) and we thought that one of them could be a modular table”.

this use of Geometry & Grids can be seen in their other works like the KIN.

“KIN is a 3d ceramic tile that creates Sinuous and Geometric shapes.”KIN by Dsignio.

Now ! What i think is that PENT is one Fine design Concept.

Whether displayed as a single Module or as Collection or a Composition and By giving the power of Design and Experimentation in the hands of a consumer Dsignio have successfully designed something that is Elegant,Practical,Fun & Memorable,

and as far as it matters these Four words do sum up to be pretty much the meaning of a Great Design, Don’t you think ?



 DSIGNIO is an Integral Design Studio located in Madrid that executes international projects. It was founded by Alberto Bejerano and Patxi Cotarelo in 2002, both of them Technical Engineers of Industrial Designs and Interior Design Master.

Throughout these years DSIGNIO has received several awards, highlighting three nominations for best design of the year in Spain in the last edition of the Delta awards.

DSIGNIO have designed products for different companies that sell DSIGNIO´s designs in over 60 countries and exhibited them at fairs such as Milan, Paris, Moscow, Singapore and London.

 DSIGNIO’s projects are published frequently in the specialized press, in general media and in more than 500 design blogs. They also give lectures and courses at universities in Spain, Japan and Mexico.

You can also find

DSIGNIO on Behance. Link.

& PENT Table on Belta. Link.


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