TORQ Nutcracker.

Torq Nutcracker from Josh Owen Design.

Inspired by industrial components, Torq is the first 3D printed object commissioned by OTHR that explores the mechanical potential of 3D printed output. Turning the business of nut cracking into a precise as well as a fun activity, this product finds its place in the heart of the home. The cylindrical body fits comfortably in hand and provides control over a challenging task. The grooves become the dominant force in the product, as well as the refined visual detail that suggests the intuitive motion it employs.

Torq Nutcracker pushes the limits of 3D printing technology, by reducing material thicknesses to a bare minimum, achieving a surprising lightness while remaining remarkably strong. Manufactured in two easy-to-assemble parts, it is currently available in a matte black, numbered edition.
Designed for OTHR.

Photos by Elizabeth Lamark.

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