“We Need to Recycle”



 design as a tool to spread awareness.




The “We Need to Recycle” project.

Italian designer Riccardo Vicentelli has created a set of posters that aim to spread awareness on the issue of recycling. All the posters feature facts that bring us even closer to the realities of this issue. The aim is educate as many people as possible on this Issue as it it quite ignored by a lot of people and to influence Change


The project was born a few months ago, when I went to visit the Science Museum here Milan and I was very impressed by the pavilion dedicated to the recycling of materials..Riccardo.

..There were a lot of interesting information, so many things and curiosity that I did not know and that I could not even imagine, although I have always done the waste sorting. I thought that many of us might not know the true benefits of recycling materialshe says.



I have identified some of the most exciting benefits that can be achieved from the recycling of various materials and I designed a series posters series based on that. Through the use of color gradients and simplicity of layouts, I was able to convey the messages in the best way. he adds.


“Before throwing the waste, you must ensure that the bin is the right one.






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