Made from Yak Dung.


Narrated by BENTU.


Agriculture Made

Regeneration Of Yak Dung.


The Earth of Tibet area has endless charm, human beings can be neglected in that environment. Either stunned by the breathe taking beauty or overwhelmed by the holy spirit or swallowed by the cruelty, it forces you to believe in spirit, to believe in reincarnation. The only thing can save you is Belief itself.


Degradable highland yak dung solves the needs of survival. It makes fire and heals illness, buries the dead and marries the young. The ancestors of Tibetans had understood the best way of living with the nature on this plateau long time ago between the cycles of life and death.


the cycles of life and death, everything is related with the yak dung.

Agriculture is made possible by the Yak Dung from the Plateau. 80% of the Qinhai-Tibet plateau yak dung (sterilised in high temperature & 20% of the catalyst is extracted from the nature ore from Qinghai Tibet plateau in the Kunlum Mountin range. These are natural and degradable products – they comes from nature and go back to nature.


To  mass  produce  furniture  using  environmental  friendly, bio-degradable highland yak dung, is an  ultimate  attempt  for  low  energy  consuming  and  resource saving.  Let  recycling  become consciousness of daily life; human society and the nature are never opposite, we grow up on this land poetically !

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A Request.

designdaily..  requests all the Creators and Innovators that are reading this, to integrate such recycled, reused & repurposed materials in your projects and products. Practise the process of Recycling, because the plastic that we manufacture to be used in our creations can very well be extracted from the products that we do not use or are discarded as waste.

Waste is a growing issue in our Society and stands to be a Huge Problem for all the species and not just Humans. It is in Our hands – the Creators, Innovators, Designers and Engineers to tackle this situation or else it will get out of our hands someday.

Recycle, Reuse & Repurpose wherever and whenever possible ! Please.

And Do share these Creations with designdaily.. We provide you with a Platform to showcase your work and Inspire people. (letsdesigndaily@gmail.com)

Thank you !


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